Best Places Around the World to Practice Yoga

Yoga is a very mobile activity, and this is perhaps the best thing about it. There are people doing yoga at home, at work, on the beach, and even at the airport during a 14-hour layover. If Mars were colonized, people would queue up to curve their bodies into a pretzel there, too.

Jokes aside, the best place to practice yoga is quite hard to define universally. Some people prefer doing it while contemplating the meaning of life in solitude, while others prefer conversing about the newest digital trends. Yoga is a one-size-fits-all kind of sport, but the location/venue is not really that flexible.

This is why we decided to compile a top 5 of places to practice yoga around the world that are bound to mesmerize even the more unimpressionable among you. Without further ado, let us begin!

1. India
As we all know, India is yoga’s motherland. People had been practicing yoga there even before the earliest documented evidence of the sport was discovered – and we’re talking thousands of years.

India is well deserving of the first spot in our list not because yoga was founded there, but because there are so many places to do it in peace, from isolated communities called ashrams to various Buddhist monasteries and other fancy and modern resorts.

If you’re a rookie yogi, you can practice in Ananda, the former royal palace of Tehri Garhwal, or perhaps in the Westerner-friendly Govinda Indian Ashram, both of which being extremely marvelous and economical locations – prices start at $10 per day, and $15 per day respectively.

If you’re more experienced, you can make a pilgrimage to lyengar yoga at the Lyengar Yoga Institute of Pune. However, you must have at least 8 years of lyengar practice before taking classes there – they will check.

2. Bali
Bali is an Indonesian island, renowned worldwide for its spellbinding pristine volcanic mountains, rice paddies, as well as the enormous blue coral reefs. Not to mention the peaceful places to practice yoga.

If you decide going to Bali for your next yoga classes, your first and last stop is The Yoga Barn. Yogis gather there in large numbers to attend the numerous classes, as well as have fun at the “Ecstatic Dance Party”, where most nights are spent sober and sweaty.

The venue is rather social and inevitably loud, so if you prefer solitude, simply bring a towel, lie on the beach and let your mind be drifted away by the soothing sounds of the beach. Nothing’s lovelier than that.

3. South Africa
South Africa is one of the best yoga havens in the world. No matter where you go, your experience will be great. But we do have a favorite place: head over to the Emoyeni Retreat Center, nestled north of Johannesburg. There is no TV, Internet, smartphones, or other similar distractors. It’s just you, your thoughts, and other yoga devotees. Bring a mat and start exercising, there’s no time to waste.

As a final note, it would be an understatement to say that only South Africa is a great place to exercise yoga. All of Africa is worthy of recognition – from Ghana to Tanzania, every country brings something special to the table from a spiritual standpoint, so you’re absolutely certain to find your own place to open your chakras.

4. Mexico
Many will frown upon this country because there are so many stigmas associated with it. However, those who have practiced yoga for a long time know that there is a place in Mexico where yogis all around the world gather up for classes: Maya Tulum.

This venue offers everything you would expect from a luxurious urban yoga studio: spa treatments, great food, fresh juices, relaxation massages, along with many others. The advantage of this venue, however, is that it’s located in a pristine area abounding with an unlimited supply of fresh air to take in.

5. Greece
Greece is not renowned only for their delicious tzatziki sauce and ongoing economic turmoil, but also for the unparalleled touristic experience.

The country abounds with mythological accounts, blue water and white beaches, and not to mention, well, the islands which are in close proximity to the mainland.

If you have not heard, there is a privately owned island, called the Silver Island, which specializes in providing a safe space for each and every yoga enthusiast out there. Indeed, it is somewhat expensive to get there (especially if you’re from the Americas), but peace nowadays comes at a cost.

But is money more important than your wellness, all things considered?

A Brief History of Yoga

Everyone knows that yoga is age-old and that it originates from India, but nobody knows how old it is and where exactly in India it was birthed. Most historians believe that the concept of yoga first appeared around 5,000 years ago.

Their claims are based on solid evidence found in sacred texts, such as the Rig Veda.

Other historians go so far as to say that yoga appeared somewhere around 10,000 years ago, but there is little to no evidence to back up their claims; not only were there very few people who could write well, if at all, but they also wrote everything on thin palm leaves that would wear out quickly.

The philosophy of yoga is simple to understand: your mind, body and spirit become a whole and can’t be separated. Yogis that lived thousands of years ago would practice yoga to attain the above mentioned trinity, but in time it has inevitably lost its original meaning.

People nowadays are not really aware of the spiritual side of yoga and practice it for the sole purpose of flexing their muscles to tone up their bodies or alleviate physical pain.

Although yoga is a very broad philosophy with many branches that appeared or disappeared in time, historians managed to put together four different main periods of innovation, practice and development. Let’s see what they are.

1. Pre-Classical Yoga
Yoga has not always been the extremely organized philosophy that you practice today. In the pre-classical stage, yoga was a mashup of other ideas and beliefs that were incompatible or contradicted each other altogether.

Most historians agree that yoga appeared somewhere around 5,000 years ago in Northern India. They base their claims on evidence found in the Rig Veda, a collection of sacred texts, where the word “yoga” is mentioned on a number of occassions.

Later on, “yoga” was mentioned by Brahmans and Rishis, who refined the practices and immortalized them in the documents known as Upanishads. During this period, karma yoga and jnana yoga are said to have been heavily practiced.

2. Classical Yoga
If the pre-classical stage was a mind boggling mixture of ideas and techniques, the classical period is the very first systematic layout of yoga.

In comparison with the pre-classical stage, there are also many more written records that actually confirm this period existed. Classical Yoga is defined by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a collection of four books which contain a total of 196 aphorisms. Patanjali is said to be the father of modern-day yoga.

3. Post-Classical Yoga
Post-classical Yoga commenced a few centuries following the death of sage Patanjali. Yoga had split into various types in the previous stages, but post-classical yoga is particularly interesting in this regard.

Yoga masters denied the teachings of the Vedas, and adopted the belief that the physical body is the means to achieve full spiritual enlightenment. This is how Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga appeared.

4. Modern-Day Yoga
Until the early 1900s, yoga was exclusively practiced in India and other surrounding Asian countries. Yoga masters would soon start exporting their philosophy to the Western world.

Perhaps the most iconic moment for yoga in the West was the 1893 Parliament of Religions event in Chicago, when Swami Vivekananda impressed every attendee with his various lectures on yoga and how it could change the world for the better.

Throughout the 20th century, yoga became largely adopted. In 1924, the first Hatha Yoga school was founded, and in 1936, the Divine Life Society was founded on the banks of the holy Ganges River.

The novelty of yoga could not be overlooked, and this is the main reason why it quickly spread worldwide.

Even though the metaphysical side of yoga is largely dismissed nowadays, people still practice it, but rather as a sport, like football, water polo, or gymnastics, rather than anything else.

Some Incredible Benefits of Practising Yoga

Yoga has been around for millennia – literally. It is an exercise that helps us attain equilibrium in a world where everything seems out of order.

Unlike aerobics where the emphasis is placed on physical effort, the true purpose of yoga is to help you attain spiritual enlightenment. You can’t attain spiritual enlightenment if your body is not ready to change, think playing slot sites and not really getting the enjoyment. Yoga is meant to help you.

Leaving metaphysics aside, there are many long-term benefits of practicing yoga. If the thought of turning your body into a pretzel does not appeal to you, well, you have to reconsider. It will be worthwhile.

Yoga is for everyone
Whether you’re a middle-aged mom, a bodybuilder, or a well-built man, yoga is meant for everyone regardless of social status, race, or looks. Many other sports tend to focus on niche clients, but yoga is much more universal.

If you practice in a yoga studio, you will be more than happy being surrounded by so many people partaking in the same activity. United we stand, divided we fall.

Yoga is a haven from daily issues
We’ve all got bills to pay, kids to raise, and health issues to worry about. Yoga helps you achieve peace and tranquility that otherwise can’t be found in this world consumed with chaos.

Many people often say that the best solution to your problems is taking a deep breath, and they’re not wrong. Yoga is all about that and much more.

Yoga is a flexible sport
Perhaps the best thing about yoga is that there are so many variants to choose from. You can take up hatha yoga, prenatal yoga, power yoga, relaxation yoga, along with many others. The sky is the limit.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend taking up hatha yoga, because the effort needed is relatively minimal. It will also serve as a good first stepping stone into the realms of yoga.

If you’re more “experienced”, you should definitely consider hot yoga. In this type of yoga, you must set your room temperature at 37 degrees Celsius (or 105 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to allow your body to burn more calories by sweating.

Yoga is not competitive
There is no winner or loser in yoga, but there are prizes. You will feel a lot better in and about your body, and if you invest considerable time, you will also achieve full enlightenment.

The best part about it all is that nobody can tell you when to start or when to stop, so don’t rush it.

Yoga helps your body tremendously
Apart from the mental benefits, there are many physical benefits as well. All the movements that you make give you great comfort, help alleviate pain, and make for great body strengtheners.

If your daily routine is not very hectic (for instance, you work in a call center), you will also be surprised with how flexible your body can be. Practice yoga daily and not only will you look good, but you will also feel good.

Yoga soothes pain
Health experts around the world agree on one thing: yoga helps ease pain, if not eliminate it completely.

Most of them have already switched from prescribing pills with horrible side effects to advising their patients to take up yoga classes.

They say that yoga is an effective healer of miscellaneous health issues, including but not limited to acid reflux, constipation, and IBS. Moreover, recent research carried out by Norwegian specialists shows that yoga – power yoga in particular – helps soothe migraines, and even reduce their occurrence altogether. Nobody knows exactly what the cause of migraines is.

Most doctors believe that it is a combination of diverse mental stressors and bad body posture, but other than that, information is quite limited. But if you practice yoga, migraines will be a thing of the past.

Power yoga
Generally, yoga is a mild exercise. Like we said in the first part of our article, the main purpose is to help you achieve spiritual enlightenment by slow and steady body improvement.

However, yoga is also treated as a reliable way of losing fat and tonifying the body. Most people refer to it as “power yoga”.

We can underline a few key aspects and benefits:

  • It helps boost endurance, flexibility, and overall strength
  • Your mental and physical endurance are tested more intensively through holding postures for extended breaths
  • Your heart, bones, joints, and back muscles will improve in time

Yoga Poses You Should Know

10 Yoga Poses You Should Know

If lately you’ve been thinking to start anew and live a healthy life, then you should enroll in a yoga class right now. Yoga is a great avenue for you to take a break from all the pressures of life.

And before you head on to your first ever yoga session, you should at least know some basic poses.

Lotus Position


Traditional lotus pose

The most basic yoga pose is the lotus position. This can either be the starting or the closing point, where you just sit in a stable and comfortable position for an extended meditation. Lotus pose is perfect for meditation because it calms the body and the mind. If you’re a yoga newbie, you can first try the half lotus, which is much easier than the full lotus.


Mountain Pose


Great initial standing position


Mountain pose or also called as the ‘Tadasana’ is a simple yet very helpful pose. Tadasana is usually an introductory pose before any standing yoga position. You just have to stand properly, with your feet together, and shoulders and arms relaxed in each side. Even with the simple method, it’s a great starting or resting point for the improvement of your posture.

Downward Dog


 One of the traditional sun salutation series

Downward dog is a standing pose with a touch of mild inversion. This pose is great to strengthen the whole body as it stretches all the way from the ankles to the arms. Your  hips, spine and upper back are idyllically build up with the downward dog pose. Some of the amazing benefits of this pose are elimination of back pains, building up of bone density and active blood circulation.

Warrior Pose

Pose like a Warrior



Virabhadrasana or the Warrior Pose is a standing yoga position that imitates the stature like that of a warrior. To perfect the warrior pose, stand with your  legs 3 to 4 feet away from each other. The right foot should be out about 90 degrees and the left foot in an extended position. Your arms should be at same height with your shoulders, then slowly switch sides and repeat. Warrior pose helps build body  strength and stability.


Tree Pose


Be graceful and steady like a tree

An ideal way to establish strength and balance in the legs is to try the tree pose. Tree pose is like the mountain position in a more intricate manner. Begin with the standing position and slowly raise one of your feet to the inner portion of the standing leg. Put your palms together to create a praying pose. You will need great amount of balance to feel steady and well grounded. The tree pose will really help you achieve both physical and mental stability, which is perfect for a complex meditation.




Breath in, Breath out with the Cobra Pose

Engaging in yoga everyday will not just help you attain a healthier body, but also change your outlook in the most positive way and one significant yoga poses is the cobra. With your back bended in a stretched out manner, cobra is very essential in strengthening your vertebral column. This pose is also great for your respiratory system as you can breathe deeply with your chest and lungs in an open angle.


Bridge Pose


You should not let the bridge fall down

One of the popular beginner yoga poses and the slight counterpart of cobra is the bridge pose. Bridge pose stretches the muscles all the way from the front of the torso to the thighs. Achieving this pose is very simple. You just have to lay flat on the ground and then gradually raise your thigh, creating an almost 90 degree angle.


Seated Twist

A queen pose with a ‘talk-to-the-hand’ sign

Twisting your body in a seated position is easy and beneficial to your physical and emotional health. The simple seated pose does not limit its benefits in the spinal column, but also in the nervous and digestive systems. And in case you don’t know, a gentle spinal twist can ease menstrual discomfort and any digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation. So if you’ve been struggling with PMS all your life, you better try this secret.

Crow Pose

Act like a crow for once

There are a lot of modified crow poses, but one of the most simple is to place your hands  and fingers flat on the ground and slowly carry your weight in an upright position. Crow pose is a great method to achieve toned arms.

Child’s Pose


Child at heart

Child’s pose is a nice way to start or end an asana or a yoga movement. The position is similar to that of worshipping, but with your arms in an extended style. Persons new to yoga will really find this pose very simple yet springy.

Yoga at Home

Yoga at Home

Yoga has been a proven method in improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Though most yoga places are located either in the middle of the jungle or in a clustered business district, you can actually experience the beauty of yoga right in your own home. You don’t have to look further for a place to exercise and meditate because you can transform your home into an awesome yoga spot.

Here is a step-by-step guide in achieving a home yoga class.

Find a Serene Room

The very first step is to allocate a room in your house where you can turn into a yoga place. A remote area in your house is the best location for you to practice your yoga sessions. The place should be free from noise or any distractions so that you can fully have a quality time for yourself. But if you don’t have an extra quarter, don’t worry. Make use of a small spot in your bedroom and alter it into some more calming and perfect for a yoga session.

Find a Serene Spot in your Home

And if you have a garden in your area, you can also take advantage of the natural creations surrounding your house for a soothing retreat. It doesn’t matter what place you choose because every person’s description of comfort is different. Choose a place where you are comfortable at, whether you want a secluded room or an open space. Everything will fall accordingly if you select your preferences.

Relaxing Ambiance


Once you have chosen the perfect spot in your home, then you can now start styling it. Select vibrant colors for a more relaxing ambiance. Wallpapers can do its magic. There are several designs that are very pleasing to the eyes. You should take into account that the moment you enter the room, you should already feel relaxed. Choosing the right shade is really important.

And talking about a calming setting, it is very nice if there will be no noise pollution in your yoga place. It’s just you and your inner self. You can fully achieve a great yoga class if there are no distractions all over the place.

Simple yet Soothing Spot


Yoga Essentials

Every yoga newbie should own a bag full of yoga essentials. Well, we can start off with the ever useful yoga mat. You can disregard all other items, but not this one. Yoga mat is the most vital thing for every yoga enthusiast. Investing in a nice and durable yoga mat is very important. Some of the top-rated yoga mat brands are Manduka PROlite, Lululemon and Jade Harmony Professional Mat. These brands might be quite pricey, but it’s a lifetime guarantee of comfort.

Reliable yoga mats


Apart from the ultimate yoga mat, you can also add some items like yoga towel, sweatband,  muscle remedy oil and the like. These are all part of a proper hygiene, where everyone should take into consideration. Though you can use your own house towel, it is very nice if you have a separate towel for your yoga class.  You can’t dismiss the fact that you will be perspiring after a yoga session, especially if you engage in a hot yoga or Bikram. And for a more exciting yoga at home, you can level up the fun by having some yoga bolsters, straps and blocks. These essentials will really make any yoga practice more exciting.

Yoga Block

Practice the Yoga Fundamentals

No question, yoga studios are really wonderful, but you don’t necessarily need one to practice your yoga skills. You can make your own research about the basic yoga poses. There are lot of resources such as DVDs or online platforms that can help you in the initial phase. Some of the renowned YouTube channels  that feature the world of yoga are Yoga with Adriene, Yoga With Tim, , TaraStiles, My Name Is Jessamyn, NolaTrees Yoga, Anacostia Yogi, Fightmaster Yoga and many more. These YouTubers can really assist you in your yoga ventures for free!

Now, Get Ready For Your First Ever Home Yoga Session


It may be difficult at first, but gradually you feel comfortable in all your yoga practices. Even the best yogis experience some downfalls, especially during the initial state of practicing yoga. It takes time and patience to completely appreciate the art of yoga. And once your body has fully adopted to all the stretching, bending and turning, you can now try some complex yoga poses.

And a tip for all yoga beginners: Set goals for every yoga practice. It’s very advisable if you know what you want to accomplish in a daily yoga class. Do you want to polish your flexibility, muscle strength or stamina? Do you want to get away from stress,  anxiety or depression? Think about which aspect of wellness you want to achieve so that you will have a more fulfilling home yoga session.



What to Wear during a Yoga Session

What to Wear during a Yoga Session

Before you head on to your yoga practice, you should choose an outfit that will help you get through the entire session. Yoga is not a red carpet style nor a runway trend. It’s a place to get your thoughts straight to create precise body movements and break away from stress. Yoga is an avenue for meditation and not fashion.  Thus, you must choose the perfect yoga outfit for your yoga class.

To help you in choosing the right yoga attire, we’ve listed some of the clothing essentials needed for a fulfilling yoga. Keep in mind that comfort and style can go together, but technically, the former is much more important.

Proper Selection

Unto your first ever yoga class, you might be filled with excitement and you tend to forget that one of the most important aspects to consider is the proper yoga outfit. First and foremost, remind yourself that yoga is meant for comfortable clothes and not designer brands. Choose an attire that will make you move freely. Yes, you can pick whatever you want but be sure you’re not wearing your PJs nor your oversized dress. There’s a thin line between the right selection and insane option. And your PJs and oversized dress are part of the latter.

Stylish Yoga Clothes

There are several yoga clothes that are very comfortable and very stylish at the same time. Some renowned sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Puma and the like offer a lot of trendy sport clothes that can be used in all your yoga sessions. However, you need to own at least two yoga outfits because you just can’t wear the same stinky attire on your next yoga practice, not unless you have the enough time to wash your clothes every after the session. Well, that could be tiring though.

Top yoga brands


Upper Clothing

It’s evident that most yoga attires are associated with skin-tight clothing. Many would choose tank tops or sports bra for the upper yoga attire. Snug outfit can really be useful since there will be a lot of arm movements involved. However, if you’re not at ease with wearing constricted uppers, you always have the right to choose loose tops. You don’t have to compromise your comfort with style. If you’re comfortable with just a simple tee, then go for it. Don’t limit yourself with the norms of body-hugging upper clothes. Think of what is best for you.


Unlike the upper clothes, it’s best to choose the right yoga bottoms to have a carefree yoga session. It doesn’t have to be too tight nor too loose, just a balance of these two. However, you shouldn’t be wearing skirt to avoid wardrobe malfunction ruining your practice. Pick a yoga pants made from breathable fabric so that you can still move without any restrictions.


Since you’ll be sweating after doing some yoga poses, you might need a reliable sweatband to keep up with the dripping sweat in your head. Sweatband is very useful in any physical activity because it will absorb the annoying sweat from reaching your eye. If you don’t have a sweatband, you can just have a bandana on your head to serve its purpose. And before we forget, please tie your hair before starting the yoga gathering. You don’t want your long locks to bother you in your bending, turning and stretching session, right?

No Footwear Required

The great thing about yoga is you don’t have to own a pair of shoes before you’ll be admitted in the class. You can engage in an intimate yoga session with just the right yoga clothes. Having something on your feet can be a distraction to your flexibility and balance. Thus, yoga does not require any footwear. You need to be barefoot so that you can unreservedly move your body and properly keep your balance, which are the essential features of yoga. It will also be inconvenient if you’re wearing shoes and you’ll be practicing yoga types that require some aerial and acrobatic arts in a hammock.

Barefoot is all you need

Extra Clothes

After a very fulfilling hour of flexing and meditation, you might be soaked in sweat and smell. Consequently, you shouldn’t let the sweat dry up your body. Don’t forget to bring some extra clothes so that you can directly let go of your damp and smelly clothes. Don’t wait for an hour or two just to change your attire. Not changing your sweaty outfit can lead to health issues like cough, skin irritations or even bad bacne breakouts. Maintain a healthy hygiene with this simple reminder of bringing extra clothes.

Don’t forget your Extra Clothes


The 5 Best Places in Bali to Practice Yoga

The 5 Best Places in Bali to Practice Yoga

When we talk about Bali, it will always be associated with beaches, night parties and of course, yoga. We can’t neglect the fact that Bali is very recognized for some yoga sessions. And if you’re wondering why, let’s just start with the calming beauty of the place. Bali is well known, not just for its frenzy night outs, but also its soothing environment, making it a perfect spot for meditation.

If you’re a yoga advocate planning to have vacation in Bali, you should check out these places for a very peaceful and fulfilling yoga practice.



Relaxing ambiance at Fivelements


A top choice for travelers wanting a very consoling retreat, Fivelements is a luxury healing and wellness place in Bali that offers the best sanctuary for the senses. The bamboo-structure design of the entire place is set perfectly in the middle of azure fountains and lush tropical gardens. Left and right are all works of nature. No commercialization, no toxic smoke and no stress. It’s just you and nature, which makes Fiveelements a great selection for yoga enthusiasts. In the place, you will hone the flexibility of both body and mind in the most serene way.

Apart from that, tourists will surely love this retreat place as it also features the well-loved Sakti Dining Room, which is one of the best spa restaurants in Asia. The peaceful restaurant gives access to some innovative raw food cuisines. So after a satisfying yoga session, you can head on directly to the hotel’s fine dining restaurant to fuel your hungry stomach.

Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale at Four Seasons Resort Sayan


Be one with nature at Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale

Even the smell of warm Balinese island air can sooth your senses, much more if you take time to have yoga. No doubt, Bali is one of the best places to relax your body, mind and spirit. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than combining deep breaths and smooth movements in a place called Four Seasons Resort Sayan. The resort specializes in therapeutic treatments and yoga sessions. There are several types of yoga you can enjoy in the place such as antigravity, power, laughter, Hatha, sunrise, sunset, and easy yoga. Each type of yoga has its distinct features, but all boil down to one same purpose.

Yoga is very important for people maintaining their physical fitness and persons wanting to get away from stress. You need to take a break from all the life’s stressors and yoga is one powerful way to let go of the negative energy all over your body. And with the perfect location in the heart of Ayung River valley, Four Seasons Resort Sayan is certainly a match made in heaven for individuals needing some me time.

The Yoga Barn


Yoga fanatics at the Yoga Barn


From the word itself, the Yoga Barn must be something ideal to the yoga fanatics. Strategically located in the tranquil town of Ubud, Bali, this sacred paradise is a definite thing to practice your yoga sessions. The Yoga Barn was initially shaped for the sole purpose of community closeness and giving back, thus the ambiance of the place is a great combination of earthy, rustic, comforting, welcoming and unpretentious vibe.

Currently, the place offers five large studios that cater daily yoga classes and workshops. Some of the traditional yoga being offered are Anusara, classical Hatha, Iyengar, Power, Pranayama, Restorative,  Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Moreover, there are also some other calming services in the area like Kirtan, ecstatic dance meditation and sound medicine. People with health issues will lower their blood pressures and heart rates if they indulge in a yoga class in the Yoga Barn. For sure, you will enjoy a quality time with your fellow yoga lovers.

Soulshine Yoga Retreat

Try sunrise yoga at Soulshine Yoga Retreat

With its 14-metre outdoor pool and daily yoga class,  Soulshine Yoga Retreat  is a great choice for everyone. Such villa with a touch of retreat oasis and café is ideally nestled between Ubud’s massive rice field terraces and the Tukad Bembeng river.

Every person practicing yoga in the place will surely appreciate the breathtaking views of the rice paddies and temples of Ubud. And for a more rewarding stay in the retreat spot, you can also try some of their meditation techniques and yoga philosophy discussions.

Radiantly Alive Yoga

Specialized Yoga Class at Radiantly Alive Yoga

Those needing a specific and tailored yoga class can have a try at Radiantly Alive Yoga.  This yoga avenue serves to enhance one’s body movements in the most customized manner. Radiantly Alive Yoga believes that each individual is different from anyone else. With its personalized yoga session, the place can be quite pricey but you’ll surely be empowered to immerse more in the art of yoga.

The retreat place has two specific yoga studios, giving a very intimate appreciation of the yoga practice.



How To Become a Qualified Yoga Teacher

How To Become a Qualified Yoga Teacher

Learning yoga may not be as easy as you think. It requires ample amount of understanding and patience. It’s tiring but there’s nothing more fulfilling than taking care of your body and having a quality time for your inner self.

If you think you’ve been bitten by the yoga bug, well it’s difficult to escape. And to help you in your quest to be a qualified yoga teacher, check out these guide for your new career.

Learn Yoga

You cannot teach what you do not know. You need to be familiar with, not just the basics, but also the advance information about yoga.  That’s the basic rule before becoming a yoga teacher. For most typical yogis, they seem to only think about Asanas, which is all about the yoga poses. However, yoga is a diverse kind of art. You have Yama, Niyama, Pranayama and many more. And you should know the difference about these aspects. Don’t just limit yourself with the typical yoga movements because there’s more to yoga than just Asanas.

Choose your Specialization


Since there are several yoga types, you should be able to choose what type of yoga you want to focus on. Specializing your yoga skills cannot be done with just reading books and watching tutorials. Hands-on teaching is essential. To become a teacher, you need a teacher to help you. There are a lot of schools that offer specific yoga trainings. Thus, before you head on to a yoga class, you must know what you really love doing or else you’ll be wasting your time attending something you don’t like.

Master the Yoga Skills


Find the Right Teacher


Just like college life, we have our favorite teachers and yoga training is no exception to that. The great thing about a yoga class is you can choose your own instructor. There are no numerous restrictions. You’ll not be stuck with a boring teacher, wherein you need to pass his or her subject. The choice is yours. Your yoga teacher must be a certified trainer himself so that you’ll be able to obtain the needed yoga expertise. It is also much better if you can already feel the bond with your instructor even in the first day of the yoga class. Yoga teachers usually have the greatest impact with your soon-to-be career, so it’s advisable to find the right teacher from that start.

Practice on your Own

Though yoga teachers are the persons who will help you hone your skills, you have yourself to ultimately keep track of your passion. Your success should not depend on others. You must learn on how to practice on your own because in time, you will be one of them. You’ll soon be a qualified yoga teacher, so never settle for less and keep going! Every day is a great learning experience and yoga is not just limited in the four walls of your yoga classroom. Make your own statement.

Continue to grow and learn new things


Complete the Training Course

It may be a long and rough journey, but it will all be worth it. Just set your eyes on your goals. Don’t be blinded by your wealth because we can’t deny the fact that some people who have the enough finances will just make use their money to obtain the needed certificate, even without learning the principles by heart. There are a lot of sacrifices along the way, but these are all tailored to help you in your yoga career. Once you complete the training course, you are now set for the real world. Registration may vary in each location. It’s wise enough to prepare the requirements ahead of time for a smoother process of obtaining your certification.


Work for Passion and not for Money

Even if you have received your yoga certificate, it doesn’t mean that you’re already a qualified yoga teacher. Yes, you’re a certified instructor by paper, but not yet by passion. You still need to prove yourself. Doing something related to your passion is much more satisfying. If being a yoga teacher is really the career you love, you will appreciate your job even more. Remember where you all started and everything will fall accordingly.

Create your Own Style

To fully attain your goals, you should find your own yoga style, unique from anyone else.  Nowadays, it’s evident that competition among yoga teachers is too tough. Thus, you need to create an eccentric approach to distinguish yourself from other yoga teachers or else all your sacrifices will be put to waste. Remember: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Obtaining your certificate is just the initial step of a lifelong journey of a yoga teacher.

Advance Yoga Pose


Best Post Yoga Snacks and Smoothies

Best Post Yoga Snacks and Smoothies

Yoga is way more placid than the intense gym workouts. But even with its mildness, yoga can still make your tummy go hungry. There are some specific foods you need to eat for your body to fully recover from your Namaste sessions. In general, eating something with a mix of protein, carbohydrates and monounsaturated fat is the best post yoga food. These foods are loaded with nutrients needed by your body after an fulfilling yoga practice.

Here are some of the best post yoga snacks and smoothies for you to munch in. Don’t worry about the calorie intake because all foods in the list are perfect for those in tight diet.


Almond Butter Toast with Banana


It’s no question that banana is a very healthy post-workout food. This fruit is full of resistant starch to refuel your energy and if combined with almond butter, then that’s an ultimate healthy and hearty combination. Almond butter features monounsaturated fat, which makes it high in fiber and calcium yet low in carbohydrates. Almond butter toast with banana is truly a nutrition-packed post yoga snack.

Creamy and yummy yoga snack


Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are  not just party-favorites, but also great post yoga snacks. This healthy snack contains vitamin B-6,  vitamin B-12, folate and many more. The primary ingredient of deviled eggs, which is the egg yolk has over 6 g of protein and only 70 calories. For health-conscious individuals, deviled eggs are your perfect on-the-go food buddy. With this tiny yet nutritious snack, you can still keep up with your diet. Just a reminder, don’t take too much deviled eggs or else you’ll be too full for dinner. But honestly, this tasty treat is just too tempting to let go. Yikes!

Tofu and Avocado in Lettuce Wrap


Eating something fresh and not in a box is way more satisfying. Tofu and avocado in lettuce wrap is just the best food after an intense yoga session. You should eat a snack jam-packed with carbohydrates, protein and fats and this delicious treat is balanced with all the nutrients that you need. Making this snack is just a simple as 1, 2, 3. You just need these essentials: tofu, avocado and of course, lettuce. Make sure to choose fresh lettuce for a more crunchy eating session. And you might want to top your tofu mixture with some fresh corns and green onions.

What a healthy wrap!

Veggie Salad

There’s nothing more healthy than that of a veggie Salad. Head on to your fridge and if you find some wholesome vegetables like tomatoes,  broccolis, carrots, corns, cucumbers, then it’s time to mix them all. These veggies will never let you down and will fill your hungry stomach instead. The freshness and crispiness of the raw veggies make it very ideal for a nourishing yoga snack. Way to go for a healthy living!

Greek Yogurt And Berry Granola


Greek yogurt and berry granola snack is surprisingly scrumptious. It’s true that Greek yogurt is tasty, and if paired with berry granola, well that’s a tasty and healthy selection. This snack will definitely help re-fuel your body after some yoga practices. All berries such as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry are the perfect toppings for your yogurt and granola combination. Well, you don’t have to wait too long before you take a bite at this yummy treat because you can savor the snack in just less than 5 minutes of preparation.

Literally, a Berry healthy snack

Green Smoothie


A very simple smoothie to make. Load up green veggies and fruits into a more nutritious blend. You will just need banana or any of your favorite fruit then add some green accent using kale, lettuce and spinach. For a more creamy and sweet touch, you can also put in some almond milk. You don’t have to add sugar because the combination of sweet fruits and milk is the ideal match to sweeten your smoothie.

Orange Crush Smoothie

Go for something satisfying with a balance of healthy nutrients. All you need for an orange crush smoothie are orange juice, vanilla whey protein powder and some ice cubes. With just three ingredients, you can achieve a very healthy and yummy smoothie.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie


If you have a lot of favorite fruits, you can combine them all into one tropical fruit smoothie. The great thing about fruit smoothie is it won’t ruin your sleep because of indigestion. Tropical fruits are very filling, without the need to compromise your sleep and of course, your dinner. You can still relish a loaded dinner after savoring  this fruit smoothie.

Tropical fruit combination 



10 Ways Yoga Will Benefit Your Everyday Life

10 Ways Yoga Will Benefit Your Everyday Life

Did you know that doing yoga is as good as travelling? Yes, you got it right! You don’t have to travel around the world just to get away from the hectic city life. All you need is a quality time with yourself and that’s what yoga is all about. Yoga not just strengthens your body, but also brings you to a world free of stress.

If you’re still in doubt about enrolling into a yoga session, then you must check out these interesting and amazing health benefits that will really change your life for the better.

Increases Flexibility


Well, the most obvious benefit of yoga is the increase in body flexibility. At the first week of your yoga sessions, you may not be able to fully bend nor ultimately touch your toes. But, that’s okay!  You will feel the difference in the elasticity of your body after a week or two. Just stick with your yoga practices and in time, you’ll be bending your body even in a 360 % angle.


Improves Muscle Strength


Yoga requires muscle coordination as you will be bending, turning and stretching your body all throughout. Unlike going to the gym, where you mostly acquire muscle strength, yoga can help you obtain both flexibility and muscle strength. With all the muscle movements, your body will not be prone to health conditions such as poor posture and arthritis. You will also help prevent cartilage and joint breakdown as many postures in yoga entails body strengthening.

Polishes your Flexibility and Stability


Boosts blood circulation

If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, then you might be interested in taking some yoga practices. Why? Because researches show that yoga can help drop your blood pressure in the most gratifying way. You don’t need to have a strict diet just to maintain your blood pressure. With yoga, you can still eat a minimal amount of your favorite foods, without compromising your health.

Builds up Brain Function

Since yoga can help boost blood circulation, this can accordingly improve the cognitive function of your brain. All the yoga poses, whether active or passive, will help cultivate your focus and working memory. Thus, the secret is now spilled! All you have to do is practice yoga a night before your exam and you’ll get covered. But keep in mind that it should be yoga plus study and  not just yoga itself or else you’ll end up with a red mark.


Enables you to Sleep Deeper


All the yoga poses can be a little tiresome, but that tiredness is really beneficial to your nervous system. Regular yoga practices release out tension in your body. Consequently,  providing a better sleep routine. So if you have been suffering from insomnia and migraine attacks all your life, yoga can help you with your sleep problems.


Deep Sleep after an Intense Yoga Session


Relaxes your Entire System


Taking some time to evaluate yourself in the most peaceful manner is the best way to calm and relax your entire system. Yoga requires you to take some deep breath ins and breath outs. With such, it will help you lower your heart rate and restore your normal senses.

Lowers Stress Level

One of the best ways to improve your health is to take a simple break from your stressful life. When most people would directly pack some bags and book a flight, they often neglect that getting way from stress can actually be done with just a simple bending and stretching session. Yoga can really help you get away from depression due to stress.

Makes you Happier

Anger, anxiety, depression, frustration and regret are some of mental loops that can cause stress. In yoga, you’ll have the chance to loosen yourself a bit.  Meditation is one of the primary features of yoga. And if these stressors are slashed out, you’ll definitely have a more happy and contented life. Drastic changes in your outlook will happen if you let go of the negative presence in your life and you can ultimately achieve that by trying yoga.

Strengthens your Relationships

Studies show that couples taking yoga sessions together are more happy and contented with their relationships. It creates a closer bond with the two individuals and yoga becomes an avenue for them to have a quality time together.

A more unique date

Extends your Lifespan

With all the amazing benefits of yoga in your everyday life, no wonder you’ll extend your lifespan in the most natural way. Yoga is the very best option for everyone wanting to feel good and look good. You don’t have to go through deviant way of improving your health and body because with yoga, you can achieve a more youthful glow.

Happiness in the older years