Welcome to Insight Yoga Studio a profession Yoga Studio in EPPING GREEN!

Wonder what makes us special, and what makes our students come  back to us?

It is because of a very simple formula. We teach and we have a good time. Most of the schools just teach but have really low amount of personal time with their student, they don’t try to build relationships.

The other reason is that our Studio is the first Yoga Studio in Epping Green, to really bring back the roots of yoga and provide a great quality teaching of it.

What is the mission of our group?

As a Yoga instructor, my mission is not only to teach and help you learn Yoga, but to share the wisdom that it comes with.  My personal main mission is to bring happiness to every students life, and help them relieve stress, and forget about their plant and daily activities as long they are in my class.

How do we achieve that?

Our best tool for this is the  art itself, Yoga. Our studio has a built in audio system that helps you fully emerge yourself in the art of yoga. We always seek to create the best caring environment for our students, where they can learn form expert teachers.

What is Yoga?

You might be one of the millions who has taken a yoga class then perhaps even mastered the peacock pose or maybe the downward dog pose, you might do yoga for physical benefits or to rest your mind. But yoga has a lot more to offer for deeper consciousness and higher awareness. So what is yoga? Yoga meaning union is a Hindu spiritual quest to experience the breath mine or divine but balancing our mind. Hinduism recognizes that there are many paths to the divine and so there are many types of yoga’s . Besides hot yogathere are four primary Otis their black the yoga Karma Yoga, Yagi Yoga and Raja Yoga.  According to Yagi, the yoga of knowledge you can experience the divine meditating on scriptural teachings to realize truth from untruth. Through the vehicle by experiencing internal knowledge and insight you can differentiate between the eternal and temporal . When it comes to health there are a lot of different ways that we can get healthy and help is a major factor to a lot of people not just physically, but spiritually as well.

It’s a way that we can create awareness within our bodies and minds and we  connect with who we truly are. Some people lift weights, there are some people who run, some people do CrossFit, but there is a more ancient form of physical awareness.
Yoga is still known in its original form in India where it originated. So much so, that the actual mental discipline from yoga is actually much more important to the Hindus and to the Indian people then actual physical fitness. Yoga helps us sleep easier due to the fact that we are stretching our bodies.