Yoga is a very mobile activity, and this is perhaps the best thing about it. There are people doing yoga at home, at work, on the beach, and even at the airport during a 14-hour layover. If Mars were colonized, people would queue up to curve their bodies into a pretzel there, too.

Jokes aside, the best place to practice yoga is quite hard to define universally. Some people prefer doing it while contemplating the meaning of life in solitude, while others prefer conversing about the newest digital trends. Yoga is a one-size-fits-all kind of sport, but the location/venue is not really that flexible.

This is why we decided to compile a top 5 of places to practice yoga around the world that are bound to mesmerize even the more unimpressionable among you. Without further ado, let us begin!

1. India
As we all know, India is yoga’s motherland. People had been practicing yoga there even before the earliest documented evidence of the sport was discovered – and we’re talking thousands of years.

India is well deserving of the first spot in our list not because yoga was founded there, but because there are so many places to do it in peace, from isolated communities called ashrams to various Buddhist monasteries and other fancy and modern resorts.

If you’re a rookie yogi, you can practice in Ananda, the former royal palace of Tehri Garhwal, or perhaps in the Westerner-friendly Govinda Indian Ashram, both of which being extremely marvelous and economical locations – prices start at $10 per day, and $15 per day respectively.

If you’re more experienced, you can make a pilgrimage to lyengar yoga at the Lyengar Yoga Institute of Pune. However, you must have at least 8 years of lyengar practice before taking classes there – they will check.

2. Bali
Bali is an Indonesian island, renowned worldwide for its spellbinding pristine volcanic mountains, rice paddies, as well as the enormous blue coral reefs. Not to mention the peaceful places to practice yoga.

If you decide going to Bali for your next yoga classes, your first and last stop is The Yoga Barn. Yogis gather there in large numbers to attend the numerous classes, as well as have fun at the “Ecstatic Dance Party”, where most nights are spent sober and sweaty.

The venue is rather social and inevitably loud, so if you prefer solitude, simply bring a towel, lie on the beach and let your mind be drifted away by the soothing sounds of the beach. Nothing’s lovelier than that.

3. South Africa
South Africa is one of the best yoga havens in the world. No matter where you go, your experience will be great. But we do have a favorite place: head over to the Emoyeni Retreat Center, nestled north of Johannesburg. There is no TV, Internet, smartphones, or other similar distractors. It’s just you, your thoughts, and other yoga devotees. Bring a mat and start exercising, there’s no time to waste.

As a final note, it would be an understatement to say that only South Africa is a great place to exercise yoga. All of Africa is worthy of recognition – from Ghana to Tanzania, every country brings something special to the table from a spiritual standpoint, so you’re absolutely certain to find your own place to open your chakras.

4. Mexico
Many will frown upon this country because there are so many stigmas associated with it. However, those who have practiced yoga for a long time know that there is a place in Mexico where yogis all around the world gather up for classes: Maya Tulum.

This venue offers everything you would expect from a luxurious urban yoga studio: spa treatments, great food, fresh juices, relaxation massages, along with many others. The advantage of this venue, however, is that it’s located in a pristine area abounding with an unlimited supply of fresh air to take in.

5. Greece
Greece is not renowned only for their delicious tzatziki sauce and ongoing economic turmoil, but also for the unparalleled touristic experience.

The country abounds with mythological accounts, blue water and white beaches, and not to mention, well, the islands which are in close proximity to the mainland.

If you have not heard, there is a privately owned island, called the Silver Island, which specializes in providing a safe space for each and every yoga enthusiast out there. Indeed, it is somewhat expensive to get there (especially if you’re from the Americas), but peace nowadays comes at a cost.

But is money more important than your wellness, all things considered?