Best Post Yoga Snacks and Smoothies

Yoga is way more placid than the intense gym workouts. But even with its mildness, yoga can still make your tummy go hungry. There are some specific foods you need to eat for your body to fully recover from your Namaste sessions. In general, eating something with a mix of protein, carbohydrates and monounsaturated fat is the best post yoga food. These foods are loaded with nutrients needed by your body after an fulfilling yoga practice.

Here are some of the best post yoga snacks and smoothies for you to munch in. Don’t worry about the calorie intake because all foods in the list are perfect for those in tight diet.


Almond Butter Toast with Banana


It’s no question that banana is a very healthy post-workout food. This fruit is full of resistant starch to refuel your energy and if combined with almond butter, then that’s an ultimate healthy and hearty combination. Almond butter features monounsaturated fat, which makes it high in fiber and calcium yet low in carbohydrates. Almond butter toast with banana is truly a nutrition-packed post yoga snack.

Creamy and yummy yoga snack


Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are  not just party-favorites, but also great post yoga snacks. This healthy snack contains vitamin B-6,  vitamin B-12, folate and many more. The primary ingredient of deviled eggs, which is the egg yolk has over 6 g of protein and only 70 calories. For health-conscious individuals, deviled eggs are your perfect on-the-go food buddy. With this tiny yet nutritious snack, you can still keep up with your diet. Just a reminder, don’t take too much deviled eggs or else you’ll be too full for dinner. But honestly, this tasty treat is just too tempting to let go. Yikes!

Tofu and Avocado in Lettuce Wrap


Eating something fresh and not in a box is way more satisfying. Tofu and avocado in lettuce wrap is just the best food after an intense yoga session. You should eat a snack jam-packed with carbohydrates, protein and fats and this delicious treat is balanced with all the nutrients that you need. Making this snack is just a simple as 1, 2, 3. You just need these essentials: tofu, avocado and of course, lettuce. Make sure to choose fresh lettuce for a more crunchy eating session. And you might want to top your tofu mixture with some fresh corns and green onions.

What a healthy wrap!

Veggie Salad

There’s nothing more healthy than that of a veggie Salad. Head on to your fridge and if you find some wholesome vegetables like tomatoes,  broccolis, carrots, corns, cucumbers, then it’s time to mix them all. These veggies will never let you down and will fill your hungry stomach instead. The freshness and crispiness of the raw veggies make it very ideal for a nourishing yoga snack. Way to go for a healthy living!

Greek Yogurt And Berry Granola


Greek yogurt and berry granola snack is surprisingly scrumptious. It’s true that Greek yogurt is tasty, and if paired with berry granola, well that’s a tasty and healthy selection. This snack will definitely help re-fuel your body after some yoga practices. All berries such as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry are the perfect toppings for your yogurt and granola combination. Well, you don’t have to wait too long before you take a bite at this yummy treat because you can savor the snack in just less than 5 minutes of preparation.

Literally, a Berry healthy snack

Green Smoothie


A very simple smoothie to make. Load up green veggies and fruits into a more nutritious blend. You will just need banana or any of your favorite fruit then add some green accent using kale, lettuce and spinach. For a more creamy and sweet touch, you can also put in some almond milk. You don’t have to add sugar because the combination of sweet fruits and milk is the ideal match to sweeten your smoothie.

Orange Crush Smoothie

Go for something satisfying with a balance of healthy nutrients. All you need for an orange crush smoothie are orange juice, vanilla whey protein powder and some ice cubes. With just three ingredients, you can achieve a very healthy and yummy smoothie.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie


If you have a lot of favorite fruits, you can combine them all into one tropical fruit smoothie. The great thing about fruit smoothie is it won’t ruin your sleep because of indigestion. Tropical fruits are very filling, without the need to compromise your sleep and of course, your dinner. You can still relish a loaded dinner after savoring  this fruit smoothie.

Tropical fruit combination