The 5 Best Places in Bali to Practice Yoga

When we talk about Bali, it will always be associated with beaches, night parties and of course, yoga. We can’t neglect the fact that Bali is very recognized for some yoga sessions. And if you’re wondering why, let’s just start with the calming beauty of the place. Bali is well known, not just for its frenzy night outs, but also its soothing environment, making it a perfect spot for meditation.

If you’re a yoga advocate planning to have vacation in Bali, you should check out these places for a very peaceful and fulfilling yoga practice.



Relaxing ambiance at Fivelements


A top choice for travelers wanting a very consoling retreat, Fivelements is a luxury healing and wellness place in Bali that offers the best sanctuary for the senses. The bamboo-structure design of the entire place is set perfectly in the middle of azure fountains and lush tropical gardens. Left and right are all works of nature. No commercialization, no toxic smoke and no stress. It’s just you and nature, which makes Fiveelements a great selection for yoga enthusiasts. In the place, you will hone the flexibility of both body and mind in the most serene way.

Apart from that, tourists will surely love this retreat place as it also features the well-loved Sakti Dining Room, which is one of the best spa restaurants in Asia. The peaceful restaurant gives access to some innovative raw food cuisines. So after a satisfying yoga session, you can head on directly to the hotel’s fine dining restaurant to fuel your hungry stomach.

Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale at Four Seasons Resort Sayan


Be one with nature at Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale

Even the smell of warm Balinese island air can sooth your senses, much more if you take time to have yoga. No doubt, Bali is one of the best places to relax your body, mind and spirit. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than combining deep breaths and smooth movements in a place called Four Seasons Resort Sayan. The resort specializes in therapeutic treatments and yoga sessions. There are several types of yoga you can enjoy in the place such as antigravity, power, laughter, Hatha, sunrise, sunset, and easy yoga. Each type of yoga has its distinct features, but all boil down to one same purpose.

Yoga is very important for people maintaining their physical fitness and persons wanting to get away from stress. You need to take a break from all the life’s stressors and yoga is one powerful way to let go of the negative energy all over your body. And with the perfect location in the heart of Ayung River valley, Four Seasons Resort Sayan is certainly a match made in heaven for individuals needing some me time.

The Yoga Barn


Yoga fanatics at the Yoga Barn


From the word itself, the Yoga Barn must be something ideal to the yoga fanatics. Strategically located in the tranquil town of Ubud, Bali, this sacred paradise is a definite thing to practice your yoga sessions. The Yoga Barn was initially shaped for the sole purpose of community closeness and giving back, thus the ambiance of the place is a great combination of earthy, rustic, comforting, welcoming and unpretentious vibe.

Currently, the place offers five large studios that cater daily yoga classes and workshops. Some of the traditional yoga being offered are Anusara, classical Hatha, Iyengar, Power, Pranayama, Restorative,  Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Moreover, there are also some other calming services in the area like Kirtan, ecstatic dance meditation and sound medicine. People with health issues will lower their blood pressures and heart rates if they indulge in a yoga class in the Yoga Barn. For sure, you will enjoy a quality time with your fellow yoga lovers.

Soulshine Yoga Retreat

Try sunrise yoga at Soulshine Yoga Retreat

With its 14-metre outdoor pool and daily yoga class,  Soulshine Yoga Retreat  is a great choice for everyone. Such villa with a touch of retreat oasis and café is ideally nestled between Ubud’s massive rice field terraces and the Tukad Bembeng river.

Every person practicing yoga in the place will surely appreciate the breathtaking views of the rice paddies and temples of Ubud. And for a more rewarding stay in the retreat spot, you can also try some of their meditation techniques and yoga philosophy discussions.

Radiantly Alive Yoga

Specialized Yoga Class at Radiantly Alive Yoga

Those needing a specific and tailored yoga class can have a try at Radiantly Alive Yoga.  This yoga avenue serves to enhance one’s body movements in the most customized manner. Radiantly Alive Yoga believes that each individual is different from anyone else. With its personalized yoga session, the place can be quite pricey but you’ll surely be empowered to immerse more in the art of yoga.

The retreat place has two specific yoga studios, giving a very intimate appreciation of the yoga practice.