Yoga at Home

Yoga has been a proven method in improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Though most yoga places are located either in the middle of the jungle or in a clustered business district, you can actually experience the beauty of yoga right in your own home. You don’t have to look further for a place to exercise and meditate because you can transform your home into an awesome yoga spot.

Here is a step-by-step guide in achieving a home yoga class.

Find a Serene Room

The very first step is to allocate a room in your house where you can turn into a yoga place. A remote area in your house is the best location for you to practice your yoga sessions. The place should be free from noise or any distractions so that you can fully have a quality time for yourself. But if you don’t have an extra quarter, don’t worry. Make use of a small spot in your bedroom and alter it into some more calming and perfect for a yoga session.

Find a Serene Spot in your Home

And if you have a garden in your area, you can also take advantage of the natural creations surrounding your house for a soothing retreat. It doesn’t matter what place you choose because every person’s description of comfort is different. Choose a place where you are comfortable at, whether you want a secluded room or an open space. Everything will fall accordingly if you select your preferences.

Relaxing Ambiance


Once you have chosen the perfect spot in your home, then you can now start styling it. Select vibrant colors for a more relaxing ambiance. Wallpapers can do its magic. There are several designs that are very pleasing to the eyes. You should take into account that the moment you enter the room, you should already feel relaxed. Choosing the right shade is really important.

And talking about a calming setting, it is very nice if there will be no noise pollution in your yoga place. It’s just you and your inner self. You can fully achieve a great yoga class if there are no distractions all over the place.

Simple yet Soothing Spot


Yoga Essentials

Every yoga newbie should own a bag full of yoga essentials. Well, we can start off with the ever useful yoga mat. You can disregard all other items, but not this one. Yoga mat is the most vital thing for every yoga enthusiast. Investing in a nice and durable yoga mat is very important. Some of the top-rated yoga mat brands are Manduka PROlite, Lululemon and Jade Harmony Professional Mat. These brands might be quite pricey, but it’s a lifetime guarantee of comfort.

Reliable yoga mats


Apart from the ultimate yoga mat, you can also add some items like yoga towel, sweatband,  muscle remedy oil and the like. These are all part of a proper hygiene, where everyone should take into consideration. Though you can use your own house towel, it is very nice if you have a separate towel for your yoga class.  You can’t dismiss the fact that you will be perspiring after a yoga session, especially if you engage in a hot yoga or Bikram. And for a more exciting yoga at home, you can level up the fun by having some yoga bolsters, straps and blocks. These essentials will really make any yoga practice more exciting.

Yoga Block

Practice the Yoga Fundamentals

No question, yoga studios are really wonderful, but you don’t necessarily need one to practice your yoga skills. You can make your own research about the basic yoga poses. There are lot of resources such as DVDs or online platforms that can help you in the initial phase. Some of the renowned YouTube channels  that feature the world of yoga are Yoga with Adriene, Yoga With Tim, , TaraStiles, My Name Is Jessamyn, NolaTrees Yoga, Anacostia Yogi, Fightmaster Yoga and many more. These YouTubers can really assist you in your yoga ventures for free!

Now, Get Ready For Your First Ever Home Yoga Session


It may be difficult at first, but gradually you feel comfortable in all your yoga practices. Even the best yogis experience some downfalls, especially during the initial state of practicing yoga. It takes time and patience to completely appreciate the art of yoga. And once your body has fully adopted to all the stretching, bending and turning, you can now try some complex yoga poses.

And a tip for all yoga beginners: Set goals for every yoga practice. It’s very advisable if you know what you want to accomplish in a daily yoga class. Do you want to polish your flexibility, muscle strength or stamina? Do you want to get away from stress,  anxiety or depression? Think about which aspect of wellness you want to achieve so that you will have a more fulfilling home yoga session.