How To Become a Qualified Yoga Teacher

Learning yoga may not be as easy as you think. It requires ample amount of understanding and patience. It’s tiring but there’s nothing more fulfilling than taking care of your body and having a quality time for your inner self.

If you think you’ve been bitten by the yoga bug, well it’s difficult to escape. And to help you in your quest to be a qualified yoga teacher, check out these guide for your new career.

Learn Yoga

You cannot teach what you do not know. You need to be familiar with, not just the basics, but also the advance information about yoga.  That’s the basic rule before becoming a yoga teacher. For most typical yogis, they seem to only think about Asanas, which is all about the yoga poses. However, yoga is a diverse kind of art. You have Yama, Niyama, Pranayama and many more. And you should know the difference about these aspects. Don’t just limit yourself with the typical yoga movements because there’s more to yoga than just Asanas.

Choose your Specialization


Since there are several yoga types, you should be able to choose what type of yoga you want to focus on. Specializing your yoga skills cannot be done with just reading books and watching tutorials. Hands-on teaching is essential. To become a teacher, you need a teacher to help you. There are a lot of schools that offer specific yoga trainings. Thus, before you head on to a yoga class, you must know what you really love doing or else you’ll be wasting your time attending something you don’t like.

Master the Yoga Skills


Find the Right Teacher


Just like college life, we have our favorite teachers and yoga training is no exception to that. The great thing about a yoga class is you can choose your own instructor. There are no numerous restrictions. You’ll not be stuck with a boring teacher, wherein you need to pass his or her subject. The choice is yours. Your yoga teacher must be a certified trainer himself so that you’ll be able to obtain the needed yoga expertise. It is also much better if you can already feel the bond with your instructor even in the first day of the yoga class. Yoga teachers usually have the greatest impact with your soon-to-be career, so it’s advisable to find the right teacher from that start.

Practice on your Own

Though yoga teachers are the persons who will help you hone your skills, you have yourself to ultimately keep track of your passion. Your success should not depend on others. You must learn on how to practice on your own because in time, you will be one of them. You’ll soon be a qualified yoga teacher, so never settle for less and keep going! Every day is a great learning experience and yoga is not just limited in the four walls of your yoga classroom. Make your own statement.

Continue to grow and learn new things


Complete the Training Course

It may be a long and rough journey, but it will all be worth it. Just set your eyes on your goals. Don’t be blinded by your wealth because we can’t deny the fact that some people who have the enough finances will just make use their money to obtain the needed certificate, even without learning the principles by heart. There are a lot of sacrifices along the way, but these are all tailored to help you in your yoga career. Once you complete the training course, you are now set for the real world. Registration may vary in each location. It’s wise enough to prepare the requirements ahead of time for a smoother process of obtaining your certification.


Work for Passion and not for Money

Even if you have received your yoga certificate, it doesn’t mean that you’re already a qualified yoga teacher. Yes, you’re a certified instructor by paper, but not yet by passion. You still need to prove yourself. Doing something related to your passion is much more satisfying. If being a yoga teacher is really the career you love, you will appreciate your job even more. Remember where you all started and everything will fall accordingly.

Create your Own Style

To fully attain your goals, you should find your own yoga style, unique from anyone else.  Nowadays, it’s evident that competition among yoga teachers is too tough. Thus, you need to create an eccentric approach to distinguish yourself from other yoga teachers or else all your sacrifices will be put to waste. Remember: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Obtaining your certificate is just the initial step of a lifelong journey of a yoga teacher.

Advance Yoga Pose