What to Wear during a Yoga Session

Before you head on to your yoga practice, you should choose an outfit that will help you get through the entire session. Yoga is not a red carpet style nor a runway trend. It’s a place to get your thoughts straight to create precise body movements and break away from stress. Yoga is an avenue for meditation and not fashion.  Thus, you must choose the perfect yoga outfit for your yoga class.

To help you in choosing the right yoga attire, we’ve listed some of the clothing essentials needed for a fulfilling yoga. Keep in mind that comfort and style can go together, but technically, the former is much more important.

Proper Selection

Unto your first ever yoga class, you might be filled with excitement and you tend to forget that one of the most important aspects to consider is the proper yoga outfit. First and foremost, remind yourself that yoga is meant for comfortable clothes and not designer brands. Choose an attire that will make you move freely. Yes, you can pick whatever you want but be sure you’re not wearing your PJs nor your oversized dress. There’s a thin line between the right selection and insane option. And your PJs and oversized dress are part of the latter.

Stylish Yoga Clothes

There are several yoga clothes that are very comfortable and very stylish at the same time. Some renowned sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Puma and the like offer a lot of trendy sport clothes that can be used in all your yoga sessions. However, you need to own at least two yoga outfits because you just can’t wear the same stinky attire on your next yoga practice, not unless you have the enough time to wash your clothes every after the session. Well, that could be tiring though.

Top yoga brands


Upper Clothing

It’s evident that most yoga attires are associated with skin-tight clothing. Many would choose tank tops or sports bra for the upper yoga attire. Snug outfit can really be useful since there will be a lot of arm movements involved. However, if you’re not at ease with wearing constricted uppers, you always have the right to choose loose tops. You don’t have to compromise your comfort with style. If you’re comfortable with just a simple tee, then go for it. Don’t limit yourself with the norms of body-hugging upper clothes. Think of what is best for you.


Unlike the upper clothes, it’s best to choose the right yoga bottoms to have a carefree yoga session. It doesn’t have to be too tight nor too loose, just a balance of these two. However, you shouldn’t be wearing skirt to avoid wardrobe malfunction ruining your practice. Pick a yoga pants made from breathable fabric so that you can still move without any restrictions.


Since you’ll be sweating after doing some yoga poses, you might need a reliable sweatband to keep up with the dripping sweat in your head. Sweatband is very useful in any physical activity because it will absorb the annoying sweat from reaching your eye. If you don’t have a sweatband, you can just have a bandana on your head to serve its purpose. And before we forget, please tie your hair before starting the yoga gathering. You don’t want your long locks to bother you in your bending, turning and stretching session, right?

No Footwear Required

The great thing about yoga is you don’t have to own a pair of shoes before you’ll be admitted in the class. You can engage in an intimate yoga session with just the right yoga clothes. Having something on your feet can be a distraction to your flexibility and balance. Thus, yoga does not require any footwear. You need to be barefoot so that you can unreservedly move your body and properly keep your balance, which are the essential features of yoga. It will also be inconvenient if you’re wearing shoes and you’ll be practicing yoga types that require some aerial and acrobatic arts in a hammock.

Barefoot is all you need

Extra Clothes

After a very fulfilling hour of flexing and meditation, you might be soaked in sweat and smell. Consequently, you shouldn’t let the sweat dry up your body. Don’t forget to bring some extra clothes so that you can directly let go of your damp and smelly clothes. Don’t wait for an hour or two just to change your attire. Not changing your sweaty outfit can lead to health issues like cough, skin irritations or even bad bacne breakouts. Maintain a healthy hygiene with this simple reminder of bringing extra clothes.

Don’t forget your Extra Clothes