10 Yoga Poses You Should Know

If lately you’ve been thinking to start anew and live a healthy life, then you should enroll in a yoga class right now. Yoga is a great avenue for you to take a break from all the pressures of life.

And before you head on to your first ever yoga session, you should at least know some basic poses.

Lotus Position


Traditional lotus pose

The most basic yoga pose is the lotus position. This can either be the starting or the closing point, where you just sit in a stable and comfortable position for an extended meditation. Lotus pose is perfect for meditation because it calms the body and the mind. If you’re a yoga newbie, you can first try the half lotus, which is much easier than the full lotus.


Mountain Pose


Great initial standing position


Mountain pose or also called as the ‘Tadasana’ is a simple yet very helpful pose. Tadasana is usually an introductory pose before any standing yoga position. You just have to stand properly, with your feet together, and shoulders and arms relaxed in each side. Even with the simple method, it’s a great starting or resting point for the improvement of your posture.

Downward Dog


 One of the traditional sun salutation series

Downward dog is a standing pose with a touch of mild inversion. This pose is great to strengthen the whole body as it stretches all the way from the ankles to the arms. Your  hips, spine and upper back are idyllically build up with the downward dog pose. Some of the amazing benefits of this pose are elimination of back pains, building up of bone density and active blood circulation.

Warrior Pose

Pose like a Warrior



Virabhadrasana or the Warrior Pose is a standing yoga position that imitates the stature like that of a warrior. To perfect the warrior pose, stand with your  legs 3 to 4 feet away from each other. The right foot should be out about 90 degrees and the left foot in an extended position. Your arms should be at same height with your shoulders, then slowly switch sides and repeat. Warrior pose helps build body  strength and stability.


Tree Pose


Be graceful and steady like a tree

An ideal way to establish strength and balance in the legs is to try the tree pose. Tree pose is like the mountain position in a more intricate manner. Begin with the standing position and slowly raise one of your feet to the inner portion of the standing leg. Put your palms together to create a praying pose. You will need great amount of balance to feel steady and well grounded. The tree pose will really help you achieve both physical and mental stability, which is perfect for a complex meditation.




Breath in, Breath out with the Cobra Pose

Engaging in yoga everyday will not just help you attain a healthier body, but also change your outlook in the most positive way and one significant yoga poses is the cobra. With your back bended in a stretched out manner, cobra is very essential in strengthening your vertebral column. This pose is also great for your respiratory system as you can breathe deeply with your chest and lungs in an open angle.


Bridge Pose


You should not let the bridge fall down

One of the popular beginner yoga poses and the slight counterpart of cobra is the bridge pose. Bridge pose stretches the muscles all the way from the front of the torso to the thighs. Achieving this pose is very simple. You just have to lay flat on the ground and then gradually raise your thigh, creating an almost 90 degree angle.


Seated Twist

A queen pose with a ‘talk-to-the-hand’ sign

Twisting your body in a seated position is easy and beneficial to your physical and emotional health. The simple seated pose does not limit its benefits in the spinal column, but also in the nervous and digestive systems. And in case you don’t know, a gentle spinal twist can ease menstrual discomfort and any digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation. So if you’ve been struggling with PMS all your life, you better try this secret.

Crow Pose

Act like a crow for once

There are a lot of modified crow poses, but one of the most simple is to place your hands  and fingers flat on the ground and slowly carry your weight in an upright position. Crow pose is a great method to achieve toned arms.

Child’s Pose


Child at heart

Child’s pose is a nice way to start or end an asana or a yoga movement. The position is similar to that of worshipping, but with your arms in an extended style. Persons new to yoga will really find this pose very simple yet springy.